Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance

Blessed Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi

Blessed Marie-Joseph Cassant

Saint Rafael ArnáIz Barón

Testament of Dom Christian de Chergé

The Life Of Blessed Robert Abbot Of Molesme And Cîteaux

The Martyrs of Atlas

Concerning Lay Cistercians

Beyond Our Borders (Dom Bernardo Olivera)

Reflections on the Challenge of Charismatic Associations (January 1, 1995)

The Participation of Lay Faithful in the Cistercian Family (Dom Armand Veilleux)

Towards a Renewed Cistercian Mysticism (Dom Bernardo Olivera)

The Cistercian Family

Bernardine Cistercians of Esquermes

Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance (OCSO)

The Cistercian Order (OCist)

Basic Cistercian Texts

Carta Caritatis


Exordium cistercii

Exordium parvum

Exordium Parvum

The Charter of Charity

The Exordium Cistercii

The Rule of St. Benedict

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The Rule in English arranged by chapter titles

The Rule in English arranged for daily reading

The Rule of Saint Benedict (OCSO)

The Rule of Saint Benedict (OSB)


Observantiae: Continuity and Reforms in the Cistercian Family

Ratio Institutionis

Spiritual Journey

Abdijgroep Koningsoord – Arnhem – the Netherlands

Associates of Assumption Abbey

Associates of Southern Star Abbey

Associates of the Iowa Cistercians

Ave Maria Lay Cistercians (Conyers)

Cistercian Lay Associates of our Lady of Bethlehem Abbey

Conversi On-Line Community

Ecumenical Lay Associates of The Monastery of The Holy Spirit (Conyers)

Fr. Tansi Lay Cistercians, Our Lady of Mount Calvary

Lay Cistercian Community – Oblate Community Zisterzienserkloster

Lay Cistercian Community – Weggemeinschaft St. Benedikt Zisterzienserkloster 

Lay Cistercians of Gethsemani Abbey

Lay Cistercians of Holy Cross Abbey

Lay Cistercians of Holy Spirit (Conyers)

Lay Contemplative Associates (Conyers)

Lay Fraternity of Our Lady of Huerta