Lay Cistercian Associates of Assumption Abbey

We are: Loretta Sellers, Nancy Melton, Catholic from Holy Cross parish where our monthly meetings are held. We were originally from the St. Louis group; Marian Wenkel, Catholic from Immaculate Conception parish 22 miles north of Holy Cross in Owensville, MO; Debbie Hillyer, Presbyterian, married to a parishioner of Holy Cross parish in Cuba; Gary Micka, Catholic from St.Patrick’s parish in Rolla but home another 18 miles west, making my trip to Cuba about 40 miles one way. The four women are all married. Gary is divorced and is considering becoming an external oblate of Assumption Abbey.Nancy and Loretta are childless, Marian has two married daughters and a single son, a former seminarian. Debbie has a married daughter and a son who is still in High School. Gary has one daughter.We are a small but compatible group very dedicated to Assumption Abbey.


Assumption Abbey (OCSO-Monks)
Rt 5 Box 1056
Ava, MO 65608
United States
Father Cyprian Harrison

Lay Leader
Loretta Sellers
334 Declue Rd
Cuba,MO 65453